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Alphabet Road, an accredited Cambridge English exam centre, is an English workshop for the children, teens and adults of the Strasbourg area who are interested in learning or improving their knowledge of the English language! We offers group lessons, private classes, workshops, activities in English, Cambridge English exams, language trips abroad, English books, a library and much more. A world of English learning on your doorstep. 


All of our English conversation lessons are taught 100% in English by an experienced, native English-speaking teacher.

Bringing English to life!

English language classes in Strasbourg for children teens and adults learn English in a fun environment

What can we offer you at Alphabet Road?

After school clubs for children and teens aged 3-17:

These group lessons are focused on conversation and learning English in a fun environment. There are a maximum of 8 children or teens in each class. We have many levels available, ranging from complete beginner to more advanced levels. The lessons include songs, games, stories, arts and crafts, cooking and much more!

Lunch clubs:

We collect the children from both sites of Conseil des XV International school, Robert Schuman international school and Saint Clotilde elementary school at noon. The children bring a packed lunch and we eat together at our workshop (or outside in the park if it’s nice!). After lunch, we do an English activity together (play games, learn dance routines, arts and crafts and much more!) before bringing the children back to school in time for their afternoon classes.

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Test preparation classes: 

We offer preparation classes for children who will be taking the test to enter into the English section in either CP at the international schools Conseil des XV and Robert Schuman or in 6ème at the international middle school Esplanade. Please contact us for more information!

Other test preparation classes: 

At your request, we can set up private or small group lessons to prepare your child for the entrance test for the English section for all grade levels (CP, CE1, CE2, CM1, CM2) as well as the entrance test to the international middle schools or Pontonniers High School.

Adult lessons: 

We are pleased to now offer adult lessons! These classes focus on conversations and discussions aimed at improving comprehension, speaking and vocabulary in a fun, flexible and judgement-free environment.

School holidays: 

We offer a special programme during the school holidays with workshops in the mornings. Each 2-hour session has a theme and a fun activity, such as sports, painting, cooking, music, etc. We post the programme ahead of time so you can register your children for the activities that will interest them the most! Children with all levels of English are welcome to come, including complete beginners! In fact, the activities during the school holidays are a great way to introduce your child to the English language in a fun and relaxed environment!

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English conversation classes for children teens and adults strasbourg

Private or small group lessons at our workshop: 

It is possible to set up private lessons for individuals or for small groups as long as we have a classroom and a teacher available. Please contact us if you are interested!


Summer language study abroad trips in England: 
It is finally possible for your child to be 100% immersed in English in a completely safe environment! Alphabet Road now offers English language study abroad trips in Cambridge, England during the summer holidays. Please contact us for more information!